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Are teams under a manager or organizational unit collaborating with each other?

You can view how team members under a particular manager or organizational unit collaborate with others under the same manager or organizational unit.

View the data

  1. From the Work Insights dashboard, on the left, click Collaboration.
  2. In team filter at the upper-right corner of the page, select a team. For details, see Filter Work Insights data by team.
  3. (Optional) In the time filter at upper-right corner of the page, select a different time range.
  4. Depending on your filter selection, find (either) the chart titled "Are teams under manager collaborating with each other?" or "Are teams under organizational unit collaborating with each other?"
  5. (Optional) To pinpoint a collaboration percentage for a team, move your pointer over the chart.

Tip: For more information on navigating charts, see Navigate Work Insights.

What the chart means

By understanding team collaboration in your organization, you can identify reasons why users or teams might be working in silos. With that information, you might also uncover gaps in critical knowledge sharing.

This chart shows the percentage of users from one team that collaborates with another team using Gmail; meetings indicated on their Calendar; and Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Depending on the time range you’ve set, the chart can help reveal whether teams are actively collaborating or just working in silos.

How the data is calculated

The number of users from one team collaborating with another team using Google Workspace is divided by the total number of users who have access to Google Workspace.

Use the data

Assessment Action
Determine whether Google Workspace users under a particular manager’s reporting line or organizational unit are communicating with one another, or if they’re working independently.

If team members are not collaborating as expected, confirm whether they're co-located or work in different time zones.

You can also determine if team members collaborate with teams outside their manager's reporting line or organizational unit.  See How is an organizational unit or manager's reporting line collaborating with other teams?

Identify teams that work exclusively within a central location. Determine whether meetings or file sharing can effectively increase collaboration.
Determine if collaboration between teams using Google Workspace remains low over time. Consider providing training courses to demonstrate the advantages of using Google Workspace over on-premise or legacy apps.
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