Collaboration charts overview

Why collaboration is important

Collaboration enhances your organization’s communication and knowledge sharing. Discover how closely your workforce is connected, how users are working together with Google Workspace, and whether users are working in silos, rather than as a team. 

When transitioning from an on-premise solution to a cloud solution, it's important to not only track adoption of new apps but to also understand the communication process in your organization. For example, are employees continuing to communicate with just email, or have they become comfortable collaborating with comments and ideas within the same Google Docs file? By understanding team collaboration, you can uncover gaps that might be preventing employees from staying connected. For more information, see Understand users' collaboration in Google Workspace.

Get started

If you’ve received access to the Work Insights dashboard from your administrator, you’re ready to view chart data. In the left menu, click Collaboration.

Analyze the data

Collaboration chart data can help you:

  • Understand whether Google Workspace users are actively working with Docs, Sheets, and Slides for work collaboration.
  • Assess the trends for files viewed and edited over time to gauge an increase or decrease in collaboration.
  • Determine whether user comments in files have increased proportionately with files viewed and edited.
  • Determine whether Google Workspace users under a particular manager’s reporting line or organizational unit are communicating with other teams.
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