Work patterns charts overview

Why work patterns are important

Work patterns can provide key insights into how efficiently and effectively your workforce uses Google Workspace. You can identify which apps your workforce spends the most time using, and uncover meeting and document usage trends over time.

For example, by understanding the time duration of employee meetings, you can more easily identify whether long meetings are causing fewer employees to attend, and whether shorter sessions might be more productive. You can also view the number of recurring meetings per employee, and identify outdated or obsolete meetings that the organizer didn't cancel. For more information, see Understand user's meeting load.

Get started

If you’ve received access to the Work Insights dashboard from your Google Workspace administrator, you’re ready to view chart data. In the left menu, click Work patterns.

Analyze the data

Work patterns chart data can help you:

  • Identify Google Workspace apps that users spend the least or most time using during their workday.
  • Identify your team's meeting patterns.
  • Understand possible reasons why some users might have heavy meeting loads.
  • Identify possible reasons why some users might schedule consistently long meetings.
  • Understand trends in the type of information users are sharing within different time periods.
  • Determine if any spikes in work outside of standard business hours or during weekends are part of an expected pattern, or just random occurrences.
  • Determine if specific teams or team members are working outside of standard business hours or during weekends because of different locations or time zones.
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