Adoption charts overview

Why adoption is important

Adoption is the foundation for enhancing your organization’s productivity and tracking the success of your Google Workspace migration. You can identify levels of user engagement over time, and if necessary, take steps to fully leverage the benefits of Google Workspace.

By understanding Google Workspace usage in your organization, you can uncover reasons for low or high adoption and make informed decisions on how to improve communication and teamwork within your workforce. For example, if you belong to a change management team, you might need to know whether Google Workspace adoption has increased at the rate you expect, or whether you need to take action to improve apps usage. 

Tip: If you're still in the early phase of adoption, review Google Workspace setup resources, which can help you with the transition. For ways to improve apps usage, see Increase Google Workspace adoption.

Get started

If you’ve already received access to the Work Insights dashboard from your Google Workspace administrator, you’re ready to view chart data. In the left menu, click Adoption.

Analyze the data

Adoption chart data can help you:

  • Determine if Google Workspace apps are being used as expected, according to user roles.
  • Understand how many monthly active users visit the app week to week.
  • Confirm the frequency of app usage.
  • Identify the Google Workspace apps that have low engagement.
  • Determine the percentage and number of Google Workspace users sending Microsoft Office files through Gmail.
  • Identify teams that use Microsoft Office apps either exclusively or with Google Workspace apps.
  • Identify teams that use neither Google Workspace nor Microsoft Office apps.
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