Work Insights and user trust

Work Insights provides personnel with appropriate privileges, such as administrators, managers, and human resources staff, with access to data on how teams of users engage with G Suite services. Because the privacy of users' data is important, Work Insights includes features to help mitigate privacy concerns.

Data access is restricted

Your organization's G Suite administrator provides only specific users with access to data on the Work Insights dashboard. Also, the admin can restrict these user's' access to only specific teams' data, including organizational units and managers' teams. In addition, the admin can restrict a user's access to data from all groups (mailing lists and policy groups) that are whitelisted in Work Insights.

Users' G Suite activity data is aggregated

In Work Insights, G Suite activity data is combined for all users within an organizational unit, group, or manager's report line. No individual user's G Suite activity is displayed separately from other users. For example, the number of times an individual user accessed Docs isn't shown on the dashboard.

A minimum team size is required

Personnel with access to Work Insights can filter G Suite data by a specific organizational unit, group, or manager's team only if that team has at least 10 members. Administrators can increase the minimum-member threshold for some charts to comply with their organization's policies and help prevent an individual user's data from being identified.

Users' work items are kept private

The Work Insights dashboard doesn't show users' specific work items, such as emails, chat messages, and calendars. However, the titles of a user's documents might be visible to a Work Insights user if those documents are already shared with that user.