What's Work Insights?

Work Insights is a reporting tool for G Suite that gives you insights into the impact of your G Suite deployment. Using easy-to-read charts, you can see metrics on your organization's G Suite adoption, productivity, and collaboration.

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Get insights and solve problems

By examining your organization’s G Suite usage metrics, you can identify success factors and problem areas. With these insights, you can plan and implement initiatives to improve the productivity, effectiveness, and engagement of your workforce.

See how teams are adopting G Suite

With adoption charts, you can see users' level of engagement with G Suite over time and where there might be adoption problems. For example, administrators and change management staff can track G Suite deployment progress and determine whether users need more training in particular apps. They can also see if legacy products are still in use, which might be holding back G Suite adoption.

See how productive teams are with G Suite

With work patterns charts, you can see how efficiently and effectively your workforce uses G Suite, which apps and activities they spend the most time in, and whether they're working outside normal business hours. For example, managers can identify their team's meeting patterns and take action to increase or decrease meeting load.

See how teams are collaborating with G Suite

With collaboration charts, you can see how your workforce is connected, how people are working together within teams and across teams using G Suite, and whether there are any silos. For example, executives can see what percentage of the Sales team is working with Marketing and identify opportunities to strengthen collaboration and reduce silos.

Who should use Work Insights

Work Insights is a powerful tool for your organization's decision makers who need G Suite usage data, such as:

  • IT administrators
  • Change management staff
  • Human resources staff
  • People operations staff
  • Team managers
  • Executives
  • Business analysts

Work Insights availability

Work Insights is available only if your organization has G Suite Enterprise licenses. In addition, to access the Work Insights dashboard, your G Suite administrator needs to grant Work Insights privileges to your user account. Who is my administrator?