Which files are most popular?

Understand which files users are viewing, editing, and commenting on the most. 

View the data

  1. From the Work Insights dashboard, on the left, click Work patterns.
  2. Find the chart titled “Which files are most popular?”
  3. In team filter at the upper-right corner of the page, select a team. For details, see Filter Work Insights data by team.
  4. (Optional) In the time filter at upper-right corner of the page, select a different time range.

Tip: For more information on navigating charts, see Navigate Work Insights.

What the chart means

The chart shows the files G Suite users most frequently accessed. Depending on the time range you’ve set, the chart can reveal trends in the type of information users are sharing across your organization.

How the data is calculated

Files are sorted by the number of files users viewed, edited, or commented on within your set time range. To determine popularity, we consider file engagement from any user, and not just users in a specific team.

Use the data

Assessment Action
Understand trends in the type of information users are sharing during different time periods. File names can help you identify which topics are trending in your organization. For smaller teams, the chart might indicate the types of files users create the most, especially if the files get a high number of views. Evaluate reasons why particular topics or files are trending. If users are sharing inappropriate information for the workplace, consider providing related training for your team or the organization.