Special pricing offers for partners

Google occasionally offers services such as G Suite and Cloud Identity Premium at special discount prices to partners. These may be seat-based or time-based discounts:

Seat-based example offer A partner may be charged $1 for a customer’s first seat, and $4 for all additional seats.
Time-based example offer A partner might receives a 30% margin for first 3 years of a customer’s tenure, and 20% for all remaining years.

When special discount pricing is available, we’ll email partners in advance with the date that the discount will be available and the specific discount terms. On the date that special pricing becomes available, it will appear as a purchase option in the Reseller console when adding a new customer.

Choose a special pricing offer

  1. When adding a new customer, on the Select payment plan page, choose the subscription—for example, G Suite or Cloud Identity Premium.
  2. Review and select the special discount price offer.
  3. Enter the maximum number of users, and an optional purchase order (P.O.) number.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Review your information and click Continue again to finish adding your customer.
  6. On the Review page, you can click the View discount price link to view the special discount price offer in a popup window.

View the discount price for a current customer’s subscription

For existing customers, you can view the discount price for a subscription at any time on the customer details page.

  1. On the customer’s details page, under Subscriptions, locate the discounted subscription.
  2. Next to Cost, click the Discounted price link to view the discount price in a popup window.
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