Filter the customer list

You can filter the customer list to easily find a group of customers that share the same or similar properties. For example:

  • View just the customers created within the past month, or all customers that are up for renewal soon.
  • Filter customers by subscription type: all customers with Google Drive storage, for example.
  • Combine filter parameters: show customers who were created recently and are suspended for Terms of Service (ToS) issues.

After creating a filtered list, you can create and download a .CSV report containing just those customers.

To filter the customer list:

  1. Sign in to the Reseller console.
  2. On the Customers page, click the dropdown arrow at right of the Search field at top.

  3. Enter search criteria in one or more of the following fields:
    • Domain name contains  Enter all or part of a customer’s domain name
    • Subscription  Enter a resold subscription type, or Any for all types
    • Subscription status  Active, Suspended, or Any
    • Suspension Reason (available if you choose “Suspended” for Subscription status)  Terms of service, Reseller Initiated, or Any
    • Renewal Date / Creation Date  Select a date range using the drop-down list, or choose Custom to specify a range using the calendar.
  4. Click the Search button. The filtered customer list is displayed.
  5. (Optional) To further filter the displayed customer list, enter additional filters, then click Search again.

To return to the full customer list:

  • Click Reset to clear all filters, then click Search. Or, click    and choose Customers.

When searching on multiple criteria, a customer can meet the search conditions with a combination of different subscription types.

Example:  Subscription is set to G Suite, and Subscription status set to Suspended.

Results displayed:  Customers with a G Suite subscription (any subscription status) and a suspended subscription (any subscription type).

Download a list of filtered customers
  1. Set filters and click Search to create the filtered customer list.
  2. Click Download customer list    at upper right.

The filtered customer list is downloaded in .CSV format, with a default filename containing your reseller domain and today’s date.

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