Reseller administration privileges

You can delegate Reseller management tasks by creating different levels of access to the Reseller console for different users. Custom administrator roles let you limit a user's access to a specific part of the console and its associated management tasks, such as Billing, Customer information, or Deployment.

To grant a user access to all parts of the Reseller console, you can assign the Reseller Admin pre-built administrator role.

Below are the individual privileges you can assign when creating custom roles for users of the Reseller console. These privileges are available in the Admin console at Admin roles > Privileges tab > Admin Console Privileges > Reseller Tools.

Note: You must log in to the Reseller console at least once to enable access for delegated users.

Privilege Abilities
Manage Reseller Tools The Manage Reseller Tools privilege is the top-level privilege which provides full access to all pages and functions in the Reseller console. It includes all the abilities contained in the Customers, Profile, Billing, and Deployment privileges.
Customers The top-level Customers privilege includes all Customers sub-privileges: Add, View, Edit, Transfer, Admin console (includes access to Admin SDK)

Any of the following Customers sub-privileges allow users to view the Customer list page and Customer details page in the Reseller console.

Add Customers
  • Create new customers (including transferring customers to the Reseller’s domain via a transfer token)
  • Add subscriptions to existing customers
View Customers

View customers in the Reseller console and API

Edit Customers
  • Update Customer information, modify subscriptions
  • Assign or unassign licenses
Transfer Customers Transfer the customer to Google management (end Reseller relationship)
Access Customers' Admin console and SDK
  • Access the customer’s Admin console and Admin APIs
  • View Quick links to the customer's Admin console
  • Assign and unassign licenses
  • View and install G Suite Marketplace apps
  • The Edit Profile privilege allows users to view and edit the Reseller name and Reseller contact email on the Profile page.
  • The View Profile privilege grants read-only access to the Profile page.
Billing Users with this privilege can view the Billing page in the Reseller console and can:
  • View transaction history
  • Export transactions
  • Edit invoice name
  • Add new mailing address, resend verification email
Deployment View and manage the Deployment page. Learn more.


Access to the Support page in the Reseller console is not controlled by a privilege, so users granted access to any other part of the Reseller console also have access to Support.
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