Sign a customer up for G Suite

Applies to G Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise, as well as G Suite for Education. For Drive Enterprise, instead visit Place an order for Drive Enterprise.

To resell G Suite products to a new customer, add the customer to your reseller account.

Note: You can’t add G Suite for Education to an existing G Suite account. You must create a separate account by adding a new customer. G Suite customers who want to convert directly to G Suite for Education can review G Suite for Education upgrade request.

Add a G Suite customer

  1. Sign in to the Reseller console.
  2. At the bottom of the Customer page, click Add Add.
  3. On the Add Customer page, enter your customer's registered domain name (without "www": Example:
    • If you get an error message that the customer already exists, try entering a different domain. This error can mean the domain is already managed by you.
    • If the customer’s domain is associated with an existing Google Account that they pay for directly, you’ll be prompted to enter a transfer token. For those steps, see Transfer a customer account to your reseller account.
  4. Click Add.
  5. For the customer type, select Domain-verified.
    G Suite customers must verify their domain.
  6. If the customer is an educational institution, under Educational Status:
    1. Check the box.
    2. Select the institution type.
      Important: This information is required even if you aren’t ordering G Suite for Education.
  7. Enter the information for the organization name, contact information, and primary administrator.
  8. Click Next: Set up billing plan.
  9. On the Select payment plan page:
    1. Select a product.
    2. Choose an option:
      • If the customer qualifies, select a 30-day free trial plan.
      • Choose a payment plan.
    3. Enter the maximum number of users and an optional purchase order (P.O.) number.
  10. Click Continue.
  11. Review your information and click Continue.

For information about taxes that might apply to your customer, see Taxes.

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