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Before calling support, we recommend that you always open a support case to speed up your resolution time.

Open a support case

Important: Be sure to choose the right type of support request—for yourself or for your customer. If you don’t, we might not be able to process your ticket for security reasons.

  1. Using your reseller account credentials, sign in to the Google Cloud Support Center (GCSC). If you have trouble signing in, see How do I access GCSC?
  2. Choose the type of support request:
    • For your customer—Locate the customer using the top search box or by clicking Accounts > My G Suite Customers.
    • For yourself—Click Accounts > My Account.
  3. Click New Case.
  4. For Issue Type, choose Tech Support.
  5. Select the correct Component, Subcomponent, Priority, and Language. For details on setting Priority, see How we prioritize your issue
  6. In the Description field, give a short summary of the issue and provide any applicable troubleshooting information.

    Note: If you select English as the language, the Description field is pre-filled with a template to help you provide the information that’s needed by support.

  7. Click Submit.

Phone support is available at 1-877-355-5787 (toll-free, U.S. only) or +1 646 257 4500 (worldwide, charges might apply). Additional phone support is available in 14 languages from select countries. If you call to open a support case for yourself, use your Partner PIN. If you call to open a case on behalf of a customer, use the customer’s PIN.

Support resources

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