View your order and transaction history


View a customer’s order history

  1. Sign in to the Reseller console.
  2. On the Customer list page, click your customer’s name.

    On the Customer details page, the Order history area appears at right, next to Subscriptions, and shows the orders in the current month.

  3. Click View details to show the Order History page. This page shows:
    • products ordered
    • order ID number for each product
    • actions taken on each order: for example, start or suspension of an order
    • date of each order action

View the transaction history for all customers

  1. Sign in to the Reseller console.
  2. Click > Billing.
  3. Click View transactions.

    Transactions are shown by month. Scroll down and click a previous month to expand transactions for that month. For each month, both the starting and ending balance are shown.

  4. (Optional) Filter your transaction view:
    • Choose Summary view to group transactions by type. For example all costs are grouped together, all payments, etc.
    • View only one type of transaction (costs, payments, adjustments, or taxes).
    • Select a date range.

Click    above the transaction list to download your transaction history as a .csv file.

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