Transfer your G Suite account to a Google Reseller

A Google Reseller can manage G Suite for your organization and provide other services, such as deployment and support. When you transfer your G Suite account to a reseller by providing a transfer token, their access to your domain includes the ability to:

  • Provision or remove users
  • Edit user details
  • Reset user passwords
  • Edit organizational groups

Note: These abilities depend on their level of access. For more information about reseller access to your domain and to restrict access to these permissions, see Google Reseller access to Resold domains.

To find an authorized G Suite Reseller in your area, use the Google Partner Search Directory.

Transfer your account to a reseller

If you want to transfer the management of your G Suite account to a reseller, Google needs a transfer token to associate your account with your reseller. You'll still be the super administrator of your account—the transfer token just lets your reseller add you as one of their customers.

Note: If your reseller provides full support and has access to your account, they can generate the Transfer token for you

To get your transfer token:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your domain’s administrator username and password.
    • The page automatically generates a token.
  3. Give the token's alphanumeric code to your reseller, who can complete the transfer for you. 
    • Note: Transfer tokens expire 14 days after being generated.
Once the transfer is completed by your reseller, your transferred account becomes a new subscription, and your reseller bills you instead of Google. The new subscription is an Annual Plan, and renews in one year. The effects of the transfer depend on your previous commitment to G Suite. For more information, see Billing for transferred customers.
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