Transfer a customer account to your reseller account

If you want to transfer the management of a customer’s Google Account to your reseller account, Google needs a transfer token to associate your account with the customer. The transfer token lets you add an existing customer as one of your own.

If the customer has multiple products, you must be able to resell all those products. For example, a customer can't transfer just their G Suite account or just their Google Drive storage licenses to you. They must transfer both G Suite and the Drive storage licenses.

Before you begin

If the customer has the legacy free edition of G Suite and wants to transfer management to you, they must first upgrade to another edition, such as G Suite Basic. After the account is upgraded, the customer can generate a transfer token for you.

Note: After a customer upgrades and transfers account management to you, they can’t downgrade back to the free edition.

Step 1: Generate the transfer token

If you have access to your customer’s account, you can generate the transfer token yourself. Otherwise, ask your customer to perform these steps and send the token to you.

Note: Transfer tokens expire 14 days after being generated.

  1. Go to the Retrieve Transfer Token page.
  2. Sign in with your customer’s domain administrator username and password.
  3. The page automatically generates a token.
  4. Copy the token’s alphanumeric code.

If your customer has any questions about transfer tokens or the transfer process, refer them to Transfer your account to a reseller.

Step 2: Complete the transfer in the Reseller console

After you have the transfer token, you can add the customer. If a transfer token is required, you enter it on the Add Customer page when prompted.

  1. Sign in to the Reseller console.
  2. On the Customer list page, click Add Add.
  3. Add your customer’s information and click Next. The transfer token field appears.
  4. Enter the transfer token and click Next.

    If you see an error, the token may have expired. Transfer tokens expire 14 days after being generated. Create a new token or contact your customer for a token.

  5. Select a payment plan for your customer.


    • Be sure to check the boxes for all of the customer’s subscriptions, including any add-ons, such as Drive storage.
    • For G Suite, Google Drive Enterprise, or Cloud Identity Premium accounts, the account is transferred with the same number of licenses that are associated with the account at the time of transfer.
    • The subscription date for the transferred account is the date that the transfer takes place.
    • When you a transfer a customer currently on the Annual Plan to your Reseller account, you must choose a new Annual Plan (either monthly or yearly) to complete the transfer. The Flexible Plan isn’t available. You can change the customer’s plan type on the contract renewal date.
  6. Click Continue and review.
  7. On the review page, enter an optional purchase order (PO) number.
  8. If the summary is correct, click Continue.

When you’re done, you’ll see a confirmation of your order. You can see the status of the order on your Order history page shows. For more information, see View your order and transaction history.

For details about how billing works after customers are transferred, see Billing for transferred customers.
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