Transfer a customer to Google

How transfers work

Requirements: You can transfer your online customers to Google. If your customer has an offline commitment, you can’t end the reseller relationship and transfer them to Google.

If you no longer want to manage a customer, you can end your reseller relationship with the customer and transfer them to Google. 

  • The customer no longer appears in your console.
  • The customer is managed by Google.
  • The customer enters a trial period and details are emailed to their super administrator.
  • The transfer is non-reversible.
  • Billing for transferred customers:  You won’t be eligible for a refund for a customer on the Annual Plan (Yearly payments). For a customer on an Annual Plan (Monthly payments) or Flexible Plan, you're only charged up to the date of the transfer.

Transfer a customer to Google

Note: Your customer’s account must have a super administrator before transferring to Google. For details, see Assign administrator roles.

  1. Sign in to the Reseller console.
  2. On the Customer list page, click the customer's name.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the customer's details page.
  4. Click End Reseller Relationship.
  5. Click Confirm End of Relationship.

Free trial period

When you transfer a customer to Google, they enter a trial period. The length of the trial depends on the customer's status. 

Payment plan Trial end date
Flexible Plan subscription 30 days after the transfer date
Annual Plan subscription Customer’s renewal date is more than 30 days away: the trial end date is the same as their renewal date.

Customer’s renewal date is less than 30 days away: their trial ends 30 days after their transfer date.
Currently in trial 30 days after the transfer date    
Subscription suspended No trial—paid service begins on transfer date
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