Ensure customers accept the Google TOS

Before resold customers can use their Google service, such as G Suite or Cloud Identity Premium, they must sign in to their Google Admin console and accept a Google Terms of Service (TOS), such as the G Suite Agreement.

If a customer moves to a new reseller, every super administrator in the organization must sign a new Google TOS.

Billing starts immediately after you provision the customer, whether or not they have signed the TOS. You can still manage and provision your customers before they accept the TOS. However, the customer’s account stays in a suspended state until they accept the TOS.

Appoint an admin and follow up with new customers

  1. When adding a new customer, in the Appoint a primary admin field, enter the customer’s name, admin username, and email address.

    Do not enter your own email address in this field.

  2. Follow up with your customer to make sure they sign in to the Admin console and accept the TOS.

    Your customer will receive an email that includes instructions on how to sign in to the Admin console, the admin account you created, and a temporary password.

    After they sign in, they need to accept the TOS and change their temporary password.

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