Manage a customer's 30-day free trial

To convert a free trial to a paid subscription, use the Reseller console. 
The Channel Services Console will include this feature in upcoming release. 

When you add a new customer for a paid Google service such as G Suite or Cloud Identity Premium, you can offer them a 30-day free trial for the service if they match the criteria below:

  • Customers must qualify for a reseller's 30-day free trial, and only one trial period is offered per customer.
  • The trial option isn’t available if the customer's domain doesn’t qualify.

Note: This information applies to online customers. Trial options are different for offline customers.

Who qualifies for a free trial

Customer domains that do qualify for the free trial

  • Customer domains that have never subscribed to a trial; for example:
    • New customers whose domains don’t already exist in the Google system
    • A Google service account being transferred to your reseller management that has no previous history with Google
  • Customer domains that are already in a direct free trial for the service when transferring to your reseller management

Customer domains that don’t qualify for the free trial

  • Existing direct customers whose accounts aren’t currently in a trial
  • Existing customers who have canceled a previous direct free trial
  • Existing resold customers who have canceled a reseller’s 30-day free trial
  • Customers who contractually use offline order placement

Convert a trial to a paid customer

During the trial, you can set up a payment plan to convert your customer's subscription to a Google account. If you don’t set up a billing and payment plan within 30 days, the trial account is suspended until you set up billing.

Note: If a trial customer has multiple services (such as G Suite and Google Drive storage) and you want to convert them to “paid” under your reseller account, you must be able to resell all of those services. For example, G Suite customers can’t transfer just their G Suite accounts or just their Drive storage accounts to you. They must transfer both G Suite and Drive storage.

To start a paid service for a customer:

  1. Sign in to your Reseller console.
  2. On the Customer list page, click the customer’s name.
  3. On the customer’s details page, scroll to Subscriptions > Payment plan.
  4. Do one of the following:

Transfer a customer to Google

If your customer doesn’t want to convert to a paid account, another option is to transfer their account to Google, which gives them the opportunity to enter another 30-day trial period.

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