Get access to reseller features

Before you can access reseller features for G Suite or another Google service, such as Cloud Identity Premium, a super administrator must assign you an administrator role with Reseller privileges. There are two kinds of access: full or role-based.

Full access

The Super Admin or the Reseller Admin predefined administrator role grants full access to reseller features. Both of these roles include the full set of reseller administrator privileges, which give you access to:

  • All parts of the Reseller console
  • The Admin consoles for the resold domains (enabled by default)
  • Reseller-related Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), such as those that enable resellers to order more licenses and manage users 

Role-based access

An administrator can also delegate partial access to specific parts of the Reseller console: for example, the Billing page, but not the Customers page or Deployment page.

To delegate partial access to the Reseller console:

  1. Review the complete list of reseller administrator privileges and decide which privileges your delegated admin needs.
  2. Follow the steps to create a custom administrator role containing the necessary subset of Manage Reseller Tools privileges.
  3. If you’re a new user, sign in to the Reseller console at least once to enable access for delegated users.

Secondary domains

If you have a secondary domain, you can’t access a customer’s Admin console if you’re signed in as an admin for that domain. You must be signed in from your primary domain.

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