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What do I need to provide to Google for the credit check?

As a form of business verification, and to ensure that Google sends invoices to the correct business address, send the Google credit team either:

  • A copy of a Letter of Registration, Articles of Incorporation, or other business registration document showing your registered legal business name and address
  • Your company's Credit Bureau ID from one of the following credit agencies: Dun & Bradstreet, Creditreform, Graydon, or Serasa

Note: The credit team doesn’t accept Doing Business As (DBA) information as the legal company name.

After you successfully complete the partner application process, meet the certificate requirement, and complete a credit check and due diligence, you’re ready for Google Cloud Partner Program contracts. For information on these steps, see the Google Cloud Partner Program.

What type of account do I need when applying for the G Suite Reseller services track?

You need a paid G Suite account. Follow the steps in the application process to either sign in with your existing G Suite account or create a new one. See Related topics.

How long does the application process take for the Google Cloud Partner Program?

It varies. It depends on how quickly you gain expertise in working with the sales, marketing, and technical material on the Cloud Connect Community.

After you complete this step, a Partner Program support representative will contact you, and your business will go through a credit check and due diligence. After passing the credit check and due diligence, you will be enrolled in the Google Cloud Partner Program and have access to the Google Cloud Partner logo, the reseller tools, and the partner margin.

Common reasons for delays:

  • Reseller form errors—These include failing to submit or incorrectly filling out the required credit check form in step 3 of the application process.
  • Credit check—You need a legally registered business with an established credit history in a supported country. See Partner Program Supported Countries.

The length of the credit check varies by country. For more information, see above, What do I need to provide to Google for the credit check?

Can I start deploying a customer before being approved as an authorized Partner?

Yes. If you have a client ready to start, you can sign them up for a G Suite account at the G Suite site. See Related topics.

This starts them on a 14-day trial, and you can transfer them to your Reseller account during or after the trial. For information, see Billing for transferred customers.

How do I apply if I want to sell Cloud Identity or Google Drive Enterprise?

To sell another service such as the Cloud Identity free or Premium editions to customers, you must complete all the steps required to become a G Suite reseller:

  1. Complete the reseller application process, which includes signing up for a G Suite account if you don’t have one.
  2. Take the G Suite Administrator Fundamentals Coursera course.
  3. Pass a business credit check that Google initiates.

As a G Suite reseller, you can place orders for these other services. See:

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