Tour your Reseller console

You can use the Reseller console to add new customers, manage your customer's needs, access your order history, view your invoices, and access support resources.

To sign in to the Reseller console, go to

Note: While you’re in your Reseller console, we recommend you Customize your Reseller settings for all customers.

Here's what you can do in the Reseller console:

Customer list

  • Add a new customer.
  • Transfer a customer to your reseller account.
  • For each customer, see:
    • Which subscriptions they have
    • Whether they’re active or suspended
    • What payment plan they're on
    • How many licenses and users they have
    • Their renewal date
  • Export your customer list: At the top right of the Reseller console, click .
  • Click any customer name to access your customer’s details page.

Customer list > Customer details page


  • View your balance and make a payment.
  • View your transactions.
  • Manage your payment methods (credit/debit cards or bank accounts)
  • Update your payments settings (payment account info, profile, business name and address, payments contacts).


View your support resources. See also Get partner support.


Update your basic account information:

  • Reseller name—this name appears on the Support page in your customer's Admin console.
  • Reseller contact email—the email Google Support should use to contact you.


Choose your default customer settings, including:

  • Language
  • Country
  • Time zone
  • Customer links
  • Additional customer service contact information
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