Reseller console feature map

Here's how to access Reseller console features and settings.

Setting How to access
Add new customer Customer list > 
Add services Customer list > Customer’s name > Purchase additional services
Billing   > Billing
Payments profile   > Billing > Manage settings > Payments Profile
Billing settings   > Billing > Manage settings
Customer’s admin panel Customer list > Customer’s name > Quick Links
Customer details Customer list > Customer’s name
Customer list   > Customers 
Customer settings/Deployment   > Deployment
Help Top of any page >  
Invoices  > Billing > View invoices
Order history Customers > Customer’s name > Order history view details
Organize customer list columns Customer list > 
Terms of Service   > Terms of Service (link at bottom)
Reseller console Admin console > Reseller Tools
Search customer Customer list > Search bar > 
Support   > Support
Reseller general information/Profile   > Profile
Subscriptions Customer list > Customer’s name > Subscriptions
Transactions  > Billing > View transactions


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