Adding customers

To resell products to a new customer, add the customer to your Reseller account. First, understand which customers you can (and can’t) add or manage. Then, depending on the type of customer, follow the steps to add them.

You can manage a customer’s account through their Google Admin console, unless they change the reseller access.

Know which customers you can add

Your new customer must have a registered domain before you can add them. The only customers you can’t add or manage are:

  • Customers who have G Suite for Nonprofits or the legacy free edition of G Suite.
  • Yourself. You can’t manage your own G Suite account in your Reseller console. You also can’t receive any discounts you offer to your customers.

Understand customer types

When you add a customer, you select the customer type. For G Suite and Cloud Identity, select Domain-verified. Customers using these services must verify their domain.

For Drive Enterprise, you can allow customers to use the service simply by verifying their email. Or, you can require them to verify their domain. To learn about the differences for Drive Enterprise customers, read Select the customer type.

Resell products by adding customers

Specific steps for adding a customer vary according to the product you want to sell:

  • G Suite, including G Suite for Education. Learn more
  • Drive Enterprise. Learn more
  • Cloud Identity, including the free and Premium editions. Learn more

Access your customer’s account

As a reseller, you can access a new customer’s account, even before they sign the Google Terms of Service (TOS). At the top of a customer’s Admin console, find your reseller name and a link back to your Reseller console.

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