Transfer of existing email aliases not yet supported

As of March 4, 2019, we no longer offer new signups for business email powered by G Suite.

Your business email account is your primary address for signing in to your account and receiving mail. An email alias is an alternate address on your domain that points to a primary address where you check and respond to emails. Any emails sent to an alias appear in the inbox of your primary address.

For example, if wants to also receive email sent to, is an alias. Mail sent to either address then appears in Joe's inbox.

Remove existing email aliases

If you own your domain, we don't currently support existing email aliases with your business email, unless you choose to unlock additional G Suite features. Make sure you have no email aliases for your current domain that actively receive emails; those alias emails will no longer be received in your primary address inbox.

If you would like to create aliases with your business email, sign up with G Suite.

Important: When you unlock additional G Suite features, your G Suite and Gmail accounts become permanently linked. If you cancel business email powered by G Suite, your original Gmail account will also be cancelled.


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