How will my business email address work with my current email?

After December 31, 2019, we'll automatically update your G Suite business email account to a G Suite Basic account.
  • Your Gmail and G Suite Basic accounts will be permanently linked. This means if you ever cancel your G Suite Basic subscription, both your Gmail and your G Suite Basic accounts are deleted.
  • Your pricing automatically changes on the effective date (January 1, 2020). You are billed according to the G Suite Basic Flexible Plan(regional discounts apply).

If you don’t want your accounts permanently linked: Before December 31, 2019, you can cancel your G Suite business email account and return to using only your Gmail account.  

As of March 4, 2019, we no longer offer new signups for business email powered by G Suite.

When you create a new business email address powered by G Suite, your new business email is added to your existing Gmail account as an additional address from which you can send and receive emails. All of your existing emails and contacts stay intact.

You continue to receive emails sent to your original Gmail address, along with any emails sent to your new business address.

Gmail and business email work together

To start using your new business email, just sign in with your existing Gmail address and password, or your new business email and existing Gmail password. When you compose emails, you can choose to send from whichever email address you prefer—your new business address or your original Gmail address.


Important: When you unlock additional G Suite features, your G Suite and Gmail accounts become permanently linked. If you cancel business email powered by G Suite, your original Gmail account will also be cancelled.


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