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Work profile and and user certificates. We are using Android with "Work profile". We have company private certificates installed in the work… How to register an OEMConfig app with Google We are building an OEMConfig app for our devices. The app works fine with MDM, but at the moment the… How to make an app device or profile owner in android management API According to Android 10 new feature there is no option for getting device non-re settable identifier…
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How to correctly make a parental control app? Does it require Enterprise? I've been developing a parental control app for over a year now. I didn't know about Enterprise unti…
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#AndroidTalksEnterprise - Post 8 - Management & App Distribution - High priority update mode and po Hi All, Welcome back to - #AndroidTalksEnterprise. Today we will be focusing on two app update modes…
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How do i manage my android webview again? Fix my android webview
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How to turn ON/OFF wifi and connect to different WIFI networks programatically from API Level 29 In Android Q (Android 10, API level 29) you can't enable/disable wifi programmatically anymore. But … How to install CA certificate for SSL inspection (via androidmanagement EMM)? My users are prison detainees; their web browsing must be logged in the same way that their letters … *Resolved* Users unable to downloaded apps with error "This item is not available in your country". Known Issue Issue: Private Apps or Web Apps are unable to be downloaded to Android Enterprise devices with the e…
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How do I contact EMM for support? I'm using my google admin and I'm not able to use it because I need to contact Android Enterprise fo…
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