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Which phone support zero touch After all these years I tried a little bit of everything
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Samsung Smart Switch on fully managed devices Hi guys, I've rolled out a new batch of Samsung phones to the business and we use Intune as our EMM.… #AndroidTalksEnterprise - Post 9 - App Development & Quality - Prevent Failed Intents Hi All, Welcome back to - #AndroidTalksEnterprise. Today we start Series 5 of our talks series with …
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How to implement permittedAccessibilityServices properly? I am trying to implement the feature "permittedAccessibilityServices" using android management API. …
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ب همرااول بزنگ ب کفن بچپ نابودت میکنم زنگبز
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Case Study - Kings Health Partners Today Android Enterprise published a web case study on the Life Lines project. This worthwhile proje…
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it is saying this in my extension ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND how to fix this ERR? check the description QS it is saying this while testing my extension Your file couldn’t be accessed It may have been moved, …
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Why does work profile change my home screen? and how to not make it do that? After setting up work profile it automatically change my home screen layout. It's very annoying beca…
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How to register an OEMConfig app with Google We are building an OEMConfig app for our devices. The app works fine with MDM, but at the moment the… How to make an app device or profile owner in android management API According to Android 10 new feature there is no option for getting device non-re settable identifier…
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How to correctly make a parental control app? Does it require Enterprise? I've been developing a parental control app for over a year now. I didn't know about Enterprise unti…
0 Updates 0 Recommended Answers 8 Replies 3 Upvotes
#AndroidTalksEnterprise - Post 8 - Management & App Distribution - High priority update mode and po Hi All, Welcome back to - #AndroidTalksEnterprise. Today we will be focusing on two app update modes…
0 Updates 0 Recommended Answers 2 Replies 14 Upvotes
How to install CA certificate for SSL inspection (via androidmanagement EMM)? My users are prison detainees; their web browsing must be logged in the same way that their letters … What is the proper way to silently install a certificate in android enterprise device ? We are developing a solution using Android Management API.We have implemented many of the features.B…
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