End of Life for the Divide Productivity app

Divide Productivity was a productivity suite (Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes) available to Android customers in the enterprise that use Exchange ActiveSync. We are removing the app from the Google Play Store on November 30, 2017 because we now provide similar functionality in the Gmail and Google Calendar apps for Android. 

The Gmail and Google Calendar apps provide universal Exchange support on Android and enterprise-focused features like managed configurations, scheduling, rich text formatting, and Exchange ActiveSync 16 support. We’re focusing our resources on a single productivity solution in Gmail and Google Calendar on Android to offer the best long-term solution to our enterprise ecosystem partners and end customers.

We recommend you move to using the Gmail and Google Calendar apps on Android as soon as possible, as Divide Productivity will be unsupported and no longer available for download on November 30, 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can users migrate from Divide Productivity to Gmail?

For existing Divide Productivity users, we recommend that IT admins silently distribute Gmail to users’ devices, and apply the necessary managed configurations. We recommend that you notify users that Divide Productivity will be removed, and then silently uninstall Divide Productivity once users have launched and successfully configured Gmail.

Please work with your EMM provider to configure Gmail with managed configurations.

Is Divide Productivity supported on Nougat?

No, Divide Productivity is not supported on Android 7.0 Nougat and later.

When will Divide Productivity be unpublished from Google Play?

We will not immediately unpublish Divide Productivity to allow our partners time to adjust their product plans. We will unpublish Divide Productivity on November 30, 2017. Partners should plan to update their documentation and references to Divide Productivity in their public sites as soon as possible.

When was this change previously announced?

We initially announced that the Divide Productivity app was being removed on June 30, 2017. We're now officially removing the app from the Google Play Store on November 30, 2017.

When Divide Productivity is unpublished from Google Play, will the app remain on users’ devices?

Yes, users can continue to use Divide Productivity on their devices after it is unpublished from Play. However, the app will be unsupported and receive no security updates or bug fixes. We strongly recommend silently uninstalling Divide Productivity from the EMM console prior to the unpublish date.

I need a solution that supports Managed configurations. What should I do?

Gmail and Google Calendar both support managed configurations.

What’s the commitment to supporting Gmail and Google Calendar on Android moving forward?

We are committed in providing monthly updates, bug fixes and enhancements on the Gmail and Google Calendar apps as a long-term solution.

Where should I go if I have additional questions?

Please contact your EMM provider for how to configure Gmail, Calendar, and other apps for the best solution for your organization.


This article was last updated on November 6, 2017

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