Android’s enterprise terminology

This page explains the meaning of terms you might see when reading about Android’s enterprise features in this and other help centers. We also use some of these terms in our documentation for developers.

Management modes

Fully managed device

A device that is entirely managed by an organization, intended for company-owned devices that are used exclusively for work purposes.

Work profile

A self-contained area on an Android device that separates work apps and data from personal apps and data. For more details about work profiles, see What is a work profile?

Other terms

Dedicated device

A fully managed device that serves a specific purpose, such as employee-facing industrial environments, or customer-facing signage and kiosk purposes. Dedicated devices were previously called corporate-owned single-use (COSU) or purpose-built devices.

Device policy controller

Sometimes abbreviated to DPC. An Android app that controls local device policies and system applications on devices or their work profiles. Device policy controller apps are installed on the device and typically fetch settings from an EMM’s server. To learn more, see What is a device policy controller?


An enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution provider. EMMs provide a combination of MDM and MAM features for organizations to manage their mobile devices.

EMM console

A web app an EMM develops that allows IT admins to manage their organization’s devices and apps.

Managed Google Play

The content marketplace for Android that’s the device user's enterprise app store and allows IT admins to select, purchase, and manage apps for the organization. To learn more, see the managed Google Play Help Center.

Mobile application management (MAM)

An industry term for software and services that manage mobile apps in an enterprise environment.

Mobile device management (MDM)

An industry term for software and services that manage mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, in an enterprise environment.

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