Name change from Android for Work to Android; Google Play for Work to Google Play

We launched the Android for Work program and Play for Work to help people be more productive at work, to enable them to work the way they live, and bring best in class security to mobile devices. Since that time, we’ve worked hard to make the features in Android for Work available in the majority of Android devices, making all of Android ready for work. In light of these changes, on December 8, 2016, we announced that we’re simplifying the names of Android for Work and Play for Work, calling them simply: Android and Google Play.

The new names will appear in the product, online help, and email notifications. The simplified branding reflects that the APIs these products use have been integrated into Android and Google Play, respectively, and the separate branding is no longer needed.

When we’re talking about specific functionality of Android in a business setting, we may refer to it as "Android enterprise" or “Android in the enterprise”. Likewise, when talking about managing business apps in Google Play, we may refer to it as “managed Google Play”. Your services and pricing remain the same

For background about the change, see the blog post.

Also, Google for Work is now Google Cloud and Google Apps is G Suite. See more in the blog post.


Previous name New name
Android for Work Android
Play for Work Google Play

Accounts, services, and terms

Previous name New name
Android for Work Account managed Google Play Account
Android for Work Accounts managed Google Play Accounts
Android for Work Accounts administrator managed Google Play Accounts admin
Android for Work Accounts enterprise managed Google Play Accounts enterprise
managed Google Accounts managed Google Accounts
managed Google domain managed Google domain
Work Profile work profile
App Restrictions Managed Configurations
Google Play for Work store managed Google Play store

Use cases

Previous name New name
BYOD* personal devices
Device Owner (DO) device* work managed device
Profile Owner (PO)* work profile
COSU* Purpose Built Solutions

* Note: These terms when used as technical terms will remain in the developer documentation and not be replaced by the new use case terms.

Developer terms

Previous name New name
Android for Work for EMM Developer Android EMM developers
Android for Work Technology Partner Android Technology Partner

Support Resources

Previous name New name
Android for Work Help Center Android enterprise Help Center
Play for Work Help Center Managed Google Play Help Center
Android for Work DevHub Android DevHub


Previous name New name
Google Play Developer Console ( Google Play Console (
Admin console ( Admin console (
Android for Work DevHub Android DevHub


Some Android apps and developer documentation refer to “Android for Work” and “Play for Work”.

The names of the apps and in some documentation may have the old name during the transition, but they will be updated during the rebranding process.

Where can we get a copy of the new logos?

Partners can access the new logos by accessing the Android Partner Hub.

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