I can’t verify my domain

If your organization doesn’t have any type of G Suite account, you need to verify that you own your domain before you can set up Android for your company. Domain verification is a one-time security check to ensure that no one else can use services or send email that appears to come from your business.

Why can't I verify my domain?

  • Your organization is already a G Suite customer and has an existing account, either a G Suite account or another account associated with a Google service, such as Chrome.
  • Your organization signed up for the G Suite Basic, or Free, edition and completed domain verification, but is no longer using the service.
  • Your organization signed up for G Suite and completed domain verification, but did not continue with the service at the end of the trial period.

How do I fix the issue?

  • If your organization is already a G Suite customer or has an account associated with another Google service, your domain is already verified. You probably just need to set up Android for your company. Sign in to the Google Admin console as a super administrator using your account that ends in @mycompany.com and set up Android.
  • If someone in your organization signed up for a Google service that they're no longer using, contact G Suite Support to verify that you control the DNS records for your domain. Then, the support team will email the primary and secondary email addresses associated with the domain to let them know a new administrator is claiming ownership. They have 72 hours to refute this or move their data. If our support team doesn’t receive a response within 72 hours, they'll remove the domain from the account. You can then complete domain verification.

Note:  If a user in your organization signed up for a Google Account using your company’s domain (@mycompany.com) to set up the account, they’ll receive a notification that a new administrator is managing their accounts and data after you verify the domain. They then have 5 days to move data out of the account.

How do I contact support?

If you’re having difficulty verifying your domain, you can get phone support.

When you call:

  1. Enter the PIN that's listed at the bottom of the domain verification page in the Admin console. 
  2. (Optional) For G Suite, including Postini and Google Play, press 1.
  3. (Optional) For Admin console, settings management, or first time setup, press 2 to be routed to a support agent.
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