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Divide Productivity will no longer be supported as of November 30, 2017. Learn more

With Divide Productivity Notes you can create, view, edit, and organize your daily notes.

Note: Notes is only supported on your device, for IBM® Notes®. Therefore, any updates you make on your mobile device won't be synchronized with your desktop devices.
View and sort notes

Notes can be sorted by subject or by the order that they were modified.

  1. Tap Work Notes Work notesto open Notes and see a list of all your notes.  
  2. Tap More More > Sort by
  3. (Optional) To sort tasks alphabetically by subject, select Subject.
  4. (Optional) To sort tasks by when they were modified, select Last Modified Date.
  5. Tap OK.
Search notes

You can search for notes by looking for words in the subject or note fields.

  1. Tap Work Notes Work notes to open Notes
  2. Tap Search Search
  3. Enter a search term and tap Search Search
Add a note
  1. Tap Work Notes Work notes to open Notes.
  2. Tap Add Add .
  3. Enter note information and format as required.
  4. (Optional) Enter a note subject.

Notes are automatically saved, including any changes.

Edit a note
  1. Tap Work Notes Work notes to open Notes.
  2. Tap a note to open it.
  3. Update the note as required.

Notes are automatically saved, including any changes.

Delete a note

You can delete a note in the following ways:

  • To delete a note from the list, swipe it to the left or right.
  • Tap a note to open it and then tap Delete Delete.
  • To delete multiple notes, tap and hold each note to select them and then tap Delete Delete .

If you delete a note by mistake, you have about 10 seconds to recover it before it’s permanently deleted. Immediately after you delete a note, at the bottom of your screen, tap Undo.

To avoid accidentally deleting an important note, you can set up an extra confirmation step.

  1. Tap Menu Menu > Settings.
  2. Check the Confirm before deleting box.
Additional features for Exchange users

If you're using Notes with Microsoft® Exchange®, there are some additional features available to you, such as the ability to compose notes offline, move notes between folders, and refresh your notes list to immediately sync changes between devices. 

Offline editing

You can still create and modify notes when your device is offline or in Airplane mode.  They'll sync when you're online again.

Switch folders

To switch folders, open Notes,  tap Menu Menu, and then tap the folder you want to switch to.

Move notes

To move notes between folders:

  1. Open Notes and in the list, tap and hold the notes you want to move.
  2. Tap More More  > Move to folder
  3. Tap the folder you want to move the notes to.

Forward notes

To forward a note as an email:

  1. Open Notes and tap the note you want to forward.
  2. Tap Menu Menu > Forward.
  3. Choose an email app.
  4. Enter the email address of the recipient.
  5. Tap Send.

Refresh notes list

To refresh your notes list, swipe down from the top of your notes list.


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