Setup with a third-party EMM provider

If your organization isn’t a G Suite customer, you need to select a third-party enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider to set up Android. An EMM provider gives your organization administrator access to tools to remotely manage your organization’s devices.

To set up Android for your organization you can use a Managed Google Account or managed Google Play Accounts. 

Managed Google Play Accounts

Managed Google Play Accounts can be set up quickly, as you don't need to prove domain ownership. You can also create multiple managed Google Play Accounts enterprises for your organization. For example, departments or regions within a organization might set up separate managed Google Play Accounts enterprises and different EMM providers may be used for each. You must have a third-party EMM provider to use managed Google Play Accounts. For more information see Managed Google Play Accounts

Managed Google Account

If you want to use a Managed Google Account, you’ll need to prove domain ownership during the setup process. Your account will also give you access to the Google Admin console to add Android management for your business. Learn more about verifying your domain for G Suite services.

G Suite customers can choose to use Google Mobile Management or a third-party EMM provider. Customers who don't use G Suite must select a third-party EMM provider.

Part of adding your third-party provider involves sharing your organization’s EMM token with the provider. After you generate a token, you have 30 days to share it. If the token expires, you have to generate a new one.

If you enabled advanced mobile device management for your organization or for some organizational units, then third-party EMM policies won’t be enforced.

Use a third-party EMM provider

To use a third-party EMM provider:

  1. Choose a provider from the list of approved vendors
  2. Contact the EMM provider to find out how to share your EMM token. 
  3. Sign in to the Google Admin console as a super administrator.
  4. Click Security > Manage EMM provider for Android.
  5. Copy the token (a string of characters) or click Generate Token to generate a new token and then copy it.
  6. Share the token with your EMM provider. 
  7. Have users download the EMM's device policy controller from managed Google Play or enforce EMM policies.
Disable a third-party EMM provider

To disable a third-party EMM provider:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console as a super administrator.
  2. Click Security > Manage EMM provider for Android.
  3. Click Unbind EMM.
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