About EMM tokens

An enterprise mobility management (EMM) token is a string of characters that third-party EMM providers use to bind Android to your company's Google Account.

To generate a new EMM token or view an existing token in the Admin console, click Security > Manage EMM provider for Android. The page shows a token if one was generated in the last 30 days, or you can click Generate Token to get a new one. If you're already using Android in your company, you can't generate or view a token.

Contact your EMM provider to find out how to share your company’s EMM token with them. After you generate a new EMM token, you have 30 days to share it with your EMM provider; otherwise, the token expires and you must generate a new one.

If your company uses a third-party EMM provider and wants to change it, you need to contact your current EMM provider and ask them to unbind Android from your company’s Google Account. You can then choose to bind Google Mobile Management as your EMM provider or bind another third-party EMM provider.
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