Android Enterprise Essentials FAQ


What is Android Enterprise Essentials?

Android Enterprise Essentials is a simple, secure management service that makes it easy to protect your business devices and data at an affordable price.

Who is Essentials built for?

Essentials is designed for organizations with simpler, less sophisticated security and management needs. This is usually small or medium sized organizations with fewer to no IT resources, however larger organizations can also take advantage of Essentials to protect a subset of their employees, using it to complement more heavyweight solutions such as enterprise mobility management (EMM). 

Who makes Essentials?

Essentials is built by the Android team at Google, leveraging our experience creating Android Enterprise device management and security tools for the world’s largest organizations.

What are some of the core features? 

Essentials delivers a critical set of security and management features that are designed by the Android team at Google to meet the needs of customers with lightweight security and management needs. These include the ability to enforce passcodes and encryption on a device, wipe devices, reset passcodes remotely, and make malware protection mandatory. Essentials also enables streamlined remote deployment, which ensures policies are applied out of the box and remain persistent across factory resets, so employees have a seamless out-of-the-box setup experience. 

How can I get Essentials?

Essentials will be available through participating resellers. To view a list of available resellers in the US and UK, click here

What countries will Essentials be available in?

Essentials will be available first in the US and UK in early 2021. It will grow to more countries later in 2021.  

When will Essentials come to my carrier/reseller? 

We are starting our early access period with a few select resellers but we’re planning on expanding to many more partners in 2021. You should ask your carrier or reseller for details of their launch timeline.

How much does Essentials cost? 

The MSRP of Android Enterprise Essentials is $2 per device per month. Prices may vary by region and reseller. Please contact your reseller for specific pricing information available in your region.

Is Essentials available on existing devices or on only on new devices?

Currently, it’s only available for new devices. But we expect to add support for adding existing company and employee-owned devices soon.

Is Essentials available on iOS? 

No, it is exclusive to Android devices.

On what devices does Essentials work on? Do I need a certain OS version?

Essentials works on all Android 9.0+ devices. 

Do I need to manage Essentials through an EMM solution?

Essentials offers its own customer portal to manage and protect devices. So you won’t need to purchase an EMM or UEM to make Essentials work.

Is Android Enterprise Essentials an EMM or meant to be an EMM replacement? 

Essentials only provides a core set of features and is not designed to be a full-blown EMM or UEM, nor is it meant to compete with those solutions. We think of this as a way to introduce management to customers who have never deployed an EMM before. 

Is there a way to migrate a device to EMM management later?

Today, you can switch a device from Essentials to EMM management by factory resetting the device and making use of zero-touch provisioning to make the process simple for the end user. 

Who provides customer support?

Essentials resellers are trained by Google and have resources available to provide customers with the support they need. 

Do I need special training or dedicated IT staff to support Essentials?

No, Essentials is designed to be very simple to use. It doesn’t require expertise, lots of training or additional outside resources to manage. Just pay the monthly subscription and manage with the team you have today. 

Essentials seems very simple but does it have enough security? 

Android Enterprise Essentials is designed to be a simple offering that provides critical security features. Essentials is not designed as a heavyweight security solution, but we believe it delivers a core set of measures that businesses need to protect their devices and any company data residing on them.

We aren’t experienced at managing mobile devices. Does this require a lot of work every day?

Android Enterprise Essentials is designed to make it easy to secure and manage devices without requiring a lot of time. The core security features are applied automatically so you don’t have to customize any settings, employees can’t reset their devices or get around the security that Essentials applies, and day-to-day management is handled in a very simple online portal where they can easily view their devices with intuitive controls to take a limited set of actions. Once you get up and running, you shouldn’t have to spend much time in the portal at all, except, for example, when an employee loses a phone or forgets a passcode. 

How can I add my existing devices to Essentials?

Essentials can be used on devices that already exist within an organization's inventory.  However, the organization will need their reseller's assistance to add their existing devices into their Essentials account.  Secondly, the device must be factory reset before it can be enrolled with the Essentials policy.  Unfortunately, it will not be possible to restore any historic device data from a back-up onto an Essentials device.

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