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Upcoming Android Enterprise features

Last updated on June 24, 2021.

This article lists the Android Enterprise features that are in development but not yet released. Planned availability dates are tentative and subject to change.

Managed Google Play

Improvements to the managed configurations iframe

The managed configurations iframe will be improved to address new user needs:

  • It will be possible to leave a property unset in a configuration. Currently a property is always set, either to a non-default value or to its default value (for example a boolean property can be set to true or false). With this change, it will be possible to not set a property (a boolean property can be unset, set to true, or set to false).
  • Property description will support Markdown format for richer content.
  • String properties will support multi-line content.

Planned availability: Available directly in your EMM console in June 2021 if your EMM has integrated with the managed configurations iframe. Contact your EMM to know if they’ve integrated with the managed configurations iframe.


New redesigned zero-touch reseller portal

The zero-touch reseller portal will get a fresh new look along with new features.


Planned availability: Available to zero-touch enrollment resellers. No release timeline.

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