Android Enterprise Essentials is a management service that helps keep business devices and data secure. With Essentials, the devices you purchase are protected right out of the box and you can manage them using the Essentials portal.

Enterprise security

Android Enterprise Essentials enforces the following security features on devices. These features can't be disabled by users:

Users can set up Essentials devices themselves—turn a device on, connect it to a Wi-Fi network, and Essentials security features are enabled automatically. 

Device management

By purchasing Essentials devices you get access to the Android Enterprise Essentials portal. With the portal, you can manage your Essentials devices and help keep them secure:

  • Assign device names: Make devices easier to identify by assigning them names.
  • Reset screen lock: Set a new device screen lock if, for example, a user forgets it.
  • Wipe devices: Factory-reset a device if the device is lost or you need to assign it to another user.
  • Remove devices from the portal: Factory-reset a device, and release it from Essential’s security features—ideal for when a device reaches the end of its lifecycle.

See Use the Essentials portal to learn more.

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