Android Enterprise Essentials and Google Workspace

Google Workspace basic mobile device management lets you manage the apps on users devices and wipe the work account from a device if it's lost or stolen. You can use Basic mobile device management with any Android Enterprise Essentials device.

Note: Only basic mobile management works with Essentials devices. Review Google Workspace's mobile management options and decide which is best for your organization. More advanced features, such as work profiles, are only available with advanced mobile management. Before you can use advanced mobile management on a device purchased from an Essentials reseller, you need to remove the device from your Essentials portal

How it works

Android Enterprises Essentials devices are ready to be managed in your Essentials portal as soon as they're activated. To activate an Essentials device, turn it on and connect it to a Wi-Fi network. Once activated, Essentials security policies are enforced automatically and you can use your Essentials portal to wipe the device, perform a factory-reset, and more. 

When a user adds their Workspace account to an Essentials device, you'll see the device in your Google Workspace Admin console (see View mobile devices that access work data). You use your Workspace console to manage the apps and work account on the device.

This table describes how to use Essentials portal and Google Workspace console together to manage devices, apps, and work accounts.

  Android Enterprise Essentials Google Workspace basic mobile management
Require a screen lock on the device
Ensure only authorized users can access the device.
Reset screen lock
Set a new password to unlock a device.
Wipe device
Delete all data from a device and factory-reset it.
Wipe Google Workspace account
Remove Google Workspace account and associated data from a device. The device is also removed from the Google Workspace console.
Manage apps
Curate Play Store layout, push-install apps to devices.

* The option to turn off password requirements in basic mobile management does not apply to Essentials devices—Essentials security policies require devices to have a screen lock set at all times.  

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