Connect your work and personal apps

Android 11.0 or later devices only

You may have some core apps on your device that are installed in both your work profile and your personal profile (e.g. the Calendar app). If your organization allows it, you can enable some of these apps to share data and connect with themselves across your work and personal profiles.

Note: Enabled connected apps may share your personal data with your employer or other work apps.

Connecting an app across profiles can enhance the way you use your device. For example, by connecting your calendar app you could view your work and personal events together.

Some apps (for example, Google Search) may be connected on your device by default. To view your connected apps at any time, go to Settings > Apps > Special app access > Connected work & personal apps.

Connect apps

  1. Open and use any app in your work profile. If the app can be connected across profiles, you will be prompted to connect them.
  2. Follow the prompt to open Settings.
  3. Toggle the Connect these apps switch.
  4. Review the permissions screen to learn how your data will be shared between connected apps. Only connect apps that you trust with your personal data.
  5. To connect the apps, click Allow.
    If the app is only installed in your work profile, you’ll be prompted to install it in your personal profile.
    If you see Action Not Allowed or a similar warning message, then your organization has not permitted you to connect this app. Contact your administrator for more information.

Disconnect apps

If you have connected apps, you can disconnect them at any time.

  1. Go to Apps > Special app access > Connected work & personal apps.
  2. Tap the app you want to disconnect.
  1. Toggle Connect these apps to disable communication between your work app and personal app.

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