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Introducing Google's Product Experts Program! Hi Everyone, Google’s Top Contributors and Rising Stars are some of our most active and helpful foru…
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Official Google Wifi Support (Free) Hi everyone, We hope you are enjoying learning about Google Wifi from our community! We are here to …
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Google wifi as repeater I replaced my dreadful xfinity $10/mo cable modem router with my own for $100. Everything is fine, h…
Discovering core switch IP address I have recently installed my GW x 3 all with wired backhaul. I have followed the recommended topolog…
Google Wifi coverage question Coverage on my current router on the ground floor of my house can reach the second floor at a weaker…
Safe to delete Wifi point? I set up a 3-WiFi point at my daughters house earlier. I have the Google WiFi app running on my iPad…
Introducing Family Wifi Pause Scheduling and Wired Backhaul Indicator Thanks to all of the feature requests and feedback from our users, we are proud to announce two exci…
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How to successfully change LAN IP and range on GWF. I have an old wifi router in ip range 192.168.0.x, and I like to replace that with GWF. Task is, how…
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Google Wifi and Bridge Mode What is bridge mode and when do I need it? Bridge mode is a router feature that is one way of solvin…
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New to Google Wifi or have questions? Get started here! Hey everyone, Google Wifi is a new type of home Wi-Fi system that replaces your traditional router a…
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