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Since July 24 Upload Speeds Significantly Slower Since July 24, my upload speeds have dropped from 161mbs to 2-8mbs This has slowed down Google Home …
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What happens if I loose power & internet ? Greetings, I have a question regarding Google Wifi : will it work as a local network if I have an in… Is it possible to direct a device to connect with a particular hub? I have a Fire Stixk connected to tv in master bedroom and WiFi hub sitting less than a foot away fro… Google Wifi returns empty (incorrectly) when I query its DNS for “thegaspers.org” (A). Google Wifi returns empty (incorrectly) when I query its DNS server for “thegaspers.org” (A). DNS de… Mesh Point Suddenly Unusable - Displays Weak Signal and Does Not Connect to Internet Hi all, I've had my Google WiFi set-up for a month or two. I have two wired connections, the main po… Router defaults to mesh instead of wired connection Hello dear support, I reported this similar issue over the phone 2 months ago, but didn't get any fe…
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If you just switched to Google WiFi but lost a wired device that used to work - THIS fixed mine After getting the mesh going, I found that some of my ethernet connected devices had vanished. Each …
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Connected to mesh but poor internet access. Speed test shows 200+Mbs and always states no issue Connected to mesh network and all points are working but have constant problems with slow it no inte… Khendrik772@gmail.com Belum ngerti cara pakenya
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Google WiFi Deadzone & iPohne WiFI Calling Issues So, I've recieved my new Google OnHub (Model P-Link OnHub TGR1900BLU) The device is running latest s…
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How do I find a list of ISP issues? (gotten an alert on my Apple Watch ”Internet Down”). Want list.. I’d like to provide Comcast a full list of events where my internet went out. The following is a luc… Google Wifi speed tests different from actual. My Google Wifi app is showing mesh system speeds of 80mbps, but when testing connected devices indiv…
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Clients get disconnected from Google WIfi Hello It seems that I have problems with Google Wifi. Some clients, such as Logitech Harmony Hubs an… My laptop is being affected by the schedule I made for my son. Any experience with this issue? My laptop has been having connectivity issues. It will connect to the network but not the internet. …
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Is there really no way to change the channel on this "sophisticated" wifi "solution?!?" My neighbors recently got Google wifi according to my monitoring app - immediately this caused mine …
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Can I backhaul mesh points 3 and 4 to get faster throughput at mesh point 4? Can I connect mesh point #3 to #4 to increase speeds around mesh point #4? Unfortunately, I can't ba… 10/100/1000 wired switch stopped connecting at 1000/gig speeds. I have the Google 3 pack and, I am using one as my main router. I was coming out of the Google WiFi …
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Mesh Testing Output - MBPS or Mbps? When i do a Mesh Test on my Google WiFi, it reports that the mesh speed is 64MBPS but that this is o… Will the pods work 150’ apart with clear line of sight Trying to get Wi-Fi to a detached garage. I can put the primary pod in my house next to a window. Th…
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Poor upload speed (1/4 of download) when connected to my Google Wifi I have got a 100Mbps connection that gives the same upload and download speed on wired connection bu…
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