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How do i setup the Wifi without installing anything on my phone? i want to set the Wifi device up without having to sign into anything or install anything on my phon… Is Spectrum Hitron E31N2V1 compatible with google wifi ? Set up with iPad not successful.
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Is it possible to "upgrade" from 1 google wifi point to 3 for the original 3-pack price? So I've bought 1 google wifi point for my new apartment. It is a bit oddly shaped and larger than I …
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Setting up Google Mesh and a message came up that my mesh network needs extra input from Google. Setting up Google Mesh and a message came up that my mesh network needs extra input from Google spec… Can Internet port in Google wifi primary node be connected to LAN port in existing ADSL router? I have ADSL line plugged to Modem/Router (combo). The router contains only LAN ports (not WAN). I wa… I cannot set up my wifi network I am trying to set up a Google WiFi network. My phone can find the point and I go through all the se… Setting up a second network. The app keeps taking me back to the first installation. I set up the Google Wi-Fi network in my home using my Google account. I now want to set up a second … BACKHAUL GOOGLE WIFI Hello Hope this ends up in the correct area I have installed google wifi with 4 google wifi pucks I … I want to be prepared for setting up a new Google WiFi, and have the following questions: My Xfinity ISP provides a Modem-Router that has 5.0 Xfinity service connected to my own router/modem GWF setup can’t find the device. What am I missing GWF not working behind Xfinity modem/router.
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Can I connect a device that doesn't work wirelessly but has an ethernet to a google wifi puck? I have some older devices, including a TV, that I want to connect to the network, and have ethernet … Google WiFi puck directly into the fiber jack We have Google Fiber thats using the network box, can we plug the Google WiFi puck directly into the… How does it work on a multilevel home? Interseted in Google mesh wifi and have 2 stories. Didn't know how it would work on multiple levels I have a 10,000 square foot house with many stone walls and would like to try to resolve our current netgear router issues by going with a mesh network. How many would I need? Currently have one netgear router
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Will Google Wifi units purchased in the US work in France? Hi, I have Google Wifi units that I purchased in the US, but would like to set up in a home in Franc…
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BT superfast modem I have fibre right into our house and we have a modem and router combination. I tried connecting the… my wifi router periodically beeps three times, why? I can't find instructions on internet MAC address does not match sticker. The mac addresses of the AP do not match the MAC on the sticker. Not one of these matches any of the… The app is just reading "Connecting to Wifi point". How long should this take The app is reading "Connecting to Wifi point" but has done nothing else for nearly 5 minutes now. Ho…
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how long does it take a second wifi mesh point to to be recognized? How long can it take for a 2nd wifi point to be recognized?
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