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how can I set up so that IOT devices are on the guest network and my phone and pc are on main I have two points and I've tried to do this and failed. I have basic devices like a wireless printer…
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DHCP server stops working have 4 google wifi devices running the latest firmware. The primary is connected directly to the cab…
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Sticker on bottom of one node is lost! How to find the network name and passcode? I had the three Wifi points installed at my office, when I moved them to my house, I tried added the… How do I connect my new phone to existing mesh as manager without doing a full setup? I am logged in with the google email but the app will only give the option of "Let's get Google Wifi… Google WiFi Mesh and Cisco AnyConnect VPN aren’t playing well together. I installed 3 google WiFi pucks throughout our home. I use Cisco AnyConnect client to connect to my … Rate Limit by connection Priority Device does not work - The device I have causing issues is my broadband speed, not connecti… How can I use IPSec VPN (SonicWall) I'm unable to connect to a SonicWall VPN server when the client is behind the Google WiFi, NAT trave…
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1/2 second blue flash is constant It flashes blue in 1/2 delay. NOT a slow blue pulse. Attempted all resets. Again fast blue blink nev…
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How to make my old mi wifi router as wifi extender to one google wifi router I have purchased new google wifi router (single piece) and wanted to use my old MI wifi router as re… Can I still use my Airport extreme as the primary access point of Fios when switching to Google wifi I have an Airpot extreme as the main access point for Fios. The AP extreme works as both modem + Rou… Traffic storm with wired Google Wifi and Procurve switches I have three wifi devices scattered around the house for coverage, but every time I plug one into th… with ethernet backhaul does it matter if I employ star or daisy chain topology? Considering purchase google wifi How to check on individual device's usage? Every month, we always get the warning from internet provider the max bandwidth use. We don't think … I need to connect SYNOLOGY NAS DS918 to my internet modem+Google Wifi+Cisco Switch. Can it be done? I have Google Wifi (3Mesh + 1 Primary) and Cisco LAN Switch SF300 The layout of my internet is such …
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Does one Mesh WiFi Point negate wired speeds? I have four G-WiFi APs. Two Mesh APs are wired to the primary. The fourth is outside near a sitting …
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Get IPv6 working behind a FritzBox 5490 I have a FritzBox 5490 (Fiber) that connects to the internet, behind that is a Google Wifi in NAT mo…
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Can I use Google OnHub from TP-Link as a range extender? Hello and thanks for taking the time to read my post. I was thinking about using Google OnHub from T…
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Enable ICMP (Ping) on WAN interface I would like to be able to enable WAN ICMP aka ping on the WAN interface of the Google Mesh Wifi. Mo… Bug Report: Google WiFi does not recognize 10.x.x.x subnet as private IP address range for bridging. The Google WiFi unit does not seem to recognize the 10.x.x.x subnet range as a private IP address su…
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Access DNS logs or change DNS Server issued in DHCP I am interested in seeing all the DNS requests that clients are making as I have recently bought a n…
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