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Forgot google Wifi app password. Will not let me reset I’ve had the OnHub installed for several months with no issues except a small intermittent dead spot… Forgot password, don't have app I have the google WiFi but the app is on my telephone which is being serviced. How can I retried my … Add Wifi Point fails on iPhone during setup Purchased a three puck Google Wifi today and tried to do the setup tonight. 1.) Added the first Prim…
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Google Wifi: Automatic Labels (still no answer) I have read numerous posts on this forum. They revolve around the same few issues. 1. Mac Filtering …
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App is no longer collecting data usage. I can see real-time, but shows not data for 1, 7 days. Have never had a problem like this, just started about 2 weeks ago. So if I look at 30 day view of d… Google WiFi app password...without it, the pause functionality is folly I’ve tried to persuade my teenage son of the wisdom of sleeping at night, waking during the day, and… How can i change my prefect wifi Password I am tried to change my prefect wifi password How can I fix the Internet on wi-fi? My Wi-fi puck will not allow Internet on the wireless but is on the LAN side. Anything connected to … Why does copy/pasted admin password fail? I am unable to connect to the Wifi SSID. I'm receiving a message, the password you've entered is inc…
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How can I block an specific web page in google wifi Hi I have little kids at home and I need to restrict for example YouTube because my kids wants to vi…
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Is it possible to set up Google Wifi without the app? My phone is not Android or Apple. I have tried plugging in my PC directly to a puck (and then a second puck), in both ports, and going… Google Wifi Availability for App Store (Brazil) I had an Android phone with Google Wifi working completely fine here in Brazil, where the app is ava… Remotely Manage WiFi Network I have setup a second mesh network in a separate rental house but after about 30 days of the app wor… I'm not able to access Google WiFi app in India !? I recently moved from US to India. I was able to setup router at home but after a while I tried upda… How do I change my DNS in Bridge Mode ? My Google Wifi is in Bridge mode. I want to change my DNS, but DNS in Advanced Network Settings is g… Would it be possible to control the Google WiFi light automatically according to the time of day? There seems to be no way to do this through the app. Can’t use Google Wifi in Russia/Thailand because google removed it from the AppStore. So google wifi is forcing me to update. But removed the app from my country’s appstore, rendering my… The Family WiFi page isn't always up-to-date (with upcoming pauses) When I go to the first page/tab of the wifi app, and things are working fine, it displays Family Wi-… Can the app control two systems in two separate locations? Have a system in primary home set up on app. Want to install a system in weekend home and don't see … Google WiFi schedule resets its time I created a schedule to turn off some devices every day from 8pm to 3pm. It worked for few days but …
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