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Updated: Yesterday
I have an Epson XP-4100 and it will not connect to Google Wifi Network As the title states, I have a new Epson XP-4100 and it will not connect to my Google Wifi network. I… Mesh Point Suddenly Unusable - Displays Weak Signal and Does Not Connect to Internet Hi all, I've had my Google WiFi set-up for a month or two. I have two wired connections, the main po… HP LJ M452nw was printing via wifi, now cannot be found I have an HP LJ M452nw connected via Google wifi (3 base stations). It was printing fine via wifi ye…
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I can't chromecast from Android device (5ghz) to Roku express (2.4ghz) on Google Wifi mesh router Chromecast app on Android device (5ghz) sees RokuTV (5ghz) but not Roku express (2.4ghz).
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Device Network Check Issue I just setup a Google Wifi point. It works great and I can use wifi on all connected devices. In the… Google home wifi keeps turning red So I have been using Google wifi for a few months, and on some days, the light will just keep turnin… MAC Spoof Security Breach - Do You Intend to Allow the Security Breach in the Nest Wifi Device? As per these threads, you have a security breach in Google Wifi where anyone who spoofs their MAC ad…
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Google wifi (mesh) with BT HomeHub 5 (UK) Does anyone have experience with this configuration? Is it simply a case of switching off the 2.4 an…
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Poor connectivity with Mesh points My house is approx. 180 sqM and as per the recommendations I have installed 4 access points. I have …
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Google Wifi in outbuilding not working on wired backhaul ISP --> G-Wifi-1 --> Switch --> G-Wifi-2 (same building) --> G-Wifi-3 (same building) --> G-Wifi-4 (…
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google wifi app says offline but network and wifi is working fine My google wifi app suddenly shows my network as offline, when in fact it is online and working fine.… Problem with owner email address I set up my mesh network yesterday. Since I have a pretty complicated environment, it took a while t…
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Connecting Google Wi-Fi to a modem that already has a wi-fi signal I have a feeling this may be a dumb question but I can't figure it out so going to ask... We are bui… I would like all new devices to automatically be added to a Family Wifi label. It would be useful to block internet for unknown/new devices since many mobile devices now shares network passwords without having to type it in. Automatically add new devices to a Family WiFi label to pause the internet.
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