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Mesh Point Suddenly Unusable - Displays Weak Signal and Does Not Connect to Internet Hi all, I've had my Google WiFi set-up for a month or two. I have two wired connections, the main po…
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compatible smart power plug that works with Google wifi. Installed Google WIFI and the CE Smart power plug purchased at Costco does not work as the app requi… Correctly hardwire connect WIFI pucks together that is on the same network Hi there, Im trying to connect 2 pucks hardwired that is on the same WIFI network. Here is my curren… Can I view my network's total internet data usage over a specified time period? Can Google Wi-Fi report how much total internet data my network has used in a specified time period?…
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WiFi Traffic seen over LAN interface....? I just setup netflow monitoring on my home network and got confused when I saw Wifi to Internet traf… Hi. I want to allow my helper using my home wifi from 9pm to 11pm only. Monday to Sunday. How should Hi. I want to allow my helper using my home wifi from 9pm to 11pm only. Monday to Sunday. How should… Is there a monthly fee to Google after purchase of the Google WiFi product? Is there a monthly fee after purchase of Google WiFi product Turning on IPv6 disassociates the Google WiFi app on my phone from my mesh network. Turning on the IPv6 from the Google WiFi app disassociates the app from my network. Anyone else havi…
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When adding a second WiFi point I get a "Failed to Complete Setup" error message I have completed setup for my first WiFi point and it is working splendidly. I would like to set up …
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How do I fix location issues after a move? My location shows up at old apartment when on home WiFi I have tried clearing location history, changing network name, and calling ISP to resolve this. I've…
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Connected devices test When doing the wireless devices test under network check, in about 5 out of 6 tries, only those devi…
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connecting hue bridge I recently re build my Philips hue network at home; i reset everything and reconfigure them attach t… Mesh subnet causing huge problems I had no idea it was going to work this way, as previously we've used APs around the house. Anyway t…
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