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Slow internet on Wireless Hello Guys. I have 350Mbps of broadband at home with Virgin Media , but are really struggling to get…
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PPPoE IPv6 Its not possible to activate IPv6 anymore after the October Update ( before it worked like charm), i… Asus Onhub isn't getting full gigabit speed from AT&T I have AT
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Since late June my Google WiFi has significantly slowed down. Why? I have tried all the tricks to resolve the slow wifi speeds I have been experiencing over the last m…
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Google Wifi occasionally drops packets for 10-20 seconds. Stops answering ping when it happens. Until recently, Google Wifi worked well. Lately, I started getting 100% packet loss for 10-20 second… Slow Internet on Wifi Hello Guys. I have 350Mbps of broadband at home with Virgin Media , but are really struggling to get…
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Massive Outages Google WiFi (started June 29th. 2018) Dear Forum, I have massive connection outages on my Google WiFi Network since June 29th 2018. I susp… Google WiFi doesn’t reconnect to internet after a power outage A couple times in the last week the power has gone out in the house, and Google WiFi hasn’t been abl… What happens if I loose power & internet ? Greetings, I have a question regarding Google Wifi : will it work as a local network if I have an in… Mesh points not getting a connection all of a sudden Setup: I have 3 wifi points. 1 primary point wired to my cable modem and the other 2 operating as wi… Network drops multiple times a day. Usually between the hours of 9am and 3 pm. This behavior started Complete restarts sometimes but it still drops daily Google WiFi drops internet 10-30 times a day. Support says there is nothing they can do? My Google WiFi drops my internet connection 10-30 times a day. Support has tried some things that ar…
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Base unit connectivity is not working, while all nodes are...HELP? I have lost complete connectivity to all devices from the base Google Wifi unit, while the satellite… My wifi is showing a 4 mbps down speed. I have 1gb/s internet speed to my modem. So, when I purchased google wifi a few months ago, I was getting around 200mb/s at my devices. Now i…
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Not getting full download speed I recently bought a google wifi system to help with connection issues from my room, which is fairly …
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'no internet connection' for Guest Network (while main network is working fine) Tried turning Off the Guest network, waiting a minute, then turning it back on. No change. Tried for…
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