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Can I connect to my mesh network on my computer using a wifi adapter? Hello! I've had Google Wifi set up in my home for a few weeks now, and I have been loving it! But I … Unable to get remote access to security cameras I have a security camera setup that was working perfectly until Xfinity sent me a new router. I have… Google Wifi NTP setting When GoogleWifi reboot, diagnostic-report (/var/log/messages) date/time recorded rewind 2017-01-02T0…
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Turn off dhcp-server on Google Wifi? Im thinking of buying a new DSL Router. Is it posible to turn off the DHCP-Server in the Google Wifi… Amend LAN range to WAN for NAS access I have just bought a new laptop but am unable to see my NAS drive (which is on an Ethernet connectio… Can I Backup / Restore Settings? Is there a way to backup and restore settings? Due to ongoing problems I need to do a factory reset … Please help me get wireless printer to work with wired PCs Good day, I have the following setup which does not give me my desired results although everything h…
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Using a Unifi switch with Google WiFi I use Virgin Superhub 3 with Google WiFi currently but the hub is in router mode and ideally I want …
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When adding a second WiFi point I get a "Failed to Complete Setup" error message I have completed setup for my first WiFi point and it is working splendidly. I would like to set up …
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