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Port forwarding: static IP computer not listed Trying to set up port forwarding, I see 2 static IP machines I've already forwarded ports to, but a … To save wfi as my photo In my account
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Ownership Ownership evidence
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how to change channel settings How to change my channel settings from auto to 1 6 or 11 How do I connect my new phone to existing mesh as manager without doing a full setup? I am logged in with the google email but the app will only give the option of "Let's get Google Wifi… Google WiFi Mesh and Cisco AnyConnect VPN aren’t playing well together. I installed 3 google WiFi pucks throughout our home. I use Cisco AnyConnect client to connect to my … I can't chromecast from Android device (5ghz) to Roku express (2.4ghz) on Google Wifi mesh router Chromecast app on Android device (5ghz) sees RokuTV (5ghz) but not Roku express (2.4ghz).
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Google Wifi in outbuilding not working on wired backhaul ISP --> G-Wifi-1 --> Switch --> G-Wifi-2 (same building) --> G-Wifi-3 (same building) --> G-Wifi-4 (…
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Connecting Google Wi-Fi to a modem that already has a wi-fi signal I have a feeling this may be a dumb question but I can't figure it out so going to ask... We are bui… Why does google wifi not support multicast data (iptv). Telus optik tv relies on this. I’m trying to replace my Telus router with google wifi. I can’t do this as Telus Optik TV needs a ro… Rate Limit by connection Priority Device does not work - The device I have causing issues is my broadband speed, not connecti… How is Reserved DHCP issuing different from regular DHCP pool issuing? I am looking for more technical information about the difference in how DHCP renewal is handled in c…
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