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Can the app control two systems in two separate locations? Have a system in primary home set up on app. Want to install a system in weekend home and don't see … Google WiFi is working fine but the app no longer shows many of the connected devices. Google Wifi is connected and working properly. The app that shows the connected devices no longer sh…
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How to setup the google WiFi app on another phone I’m trying to set up the app on another phone and it’s not allowing me to sign in under my google ac… Google WiFi schedule resets its time I created a schedule to turn off some devices every day from 8pm to 3pm. It worked for few days but … Google WiFi app not available in my region’s App Store I’m from Saudi Arabia and I can’t find it in the App Store. I ordered it from Amazon a while back bu…
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Allow to pause device from device list Currently, if there is a device on my network "hogging" the bandwidth, I can go to the "Devices" lis… Testing wifi to all connected devices hangs and essentially stops, less than halfway through list When running the app, to test wifi to all connected devices, the app stops and hangs, less than half…
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Does google wifi support dynamic dns services line no-ip?? Question: Does google WIFI app support dynamic dns service. My previous router supported dynamic dns… The Family WiFi page isn't always up-to-date (with upcoming pauses) When I go to the first page/tab of the wifi app, and things are working fine, it displays Family Wi-…
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Add Wifi Point fails on iPhone during setup Purchased a three puck Google Wifi today and tried to do the setup tonight. 1.) Added the first Prim…
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Network shows it's offline but I am not offline on my Google Wi-Fi app it shows that the network is offline but I am online all of my Wi-Fi hubs are… Guest wifi time limit for ALL devices not just known Is there a way to place time limits on the guest network for all devices including those that are lo…
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Fix Port Forwarding I recently got a whole server rig donated to me to mess with. I decided to try and setup a minecraft… How do i set my tablet up with google wifi My tablet is a tobisha and I want to get wifi to get better connection for games and internet thanks… How do I install without a smart phone? Trying to install without a smart phone. Can’t use Google Wifi in Russia/Thailand because google removed it from the AppStore. So google wifi is forcing me to update. But removed the app from my country’s appstore, rendering my… Is Google WiFi down, or affected by the current Google Compute Cloud outage? I have been having wonky wifi, some devices can get on the net via Google WiFi, others see a "No Int… The app of google wifi doesn’t exist in Colombia Bought the google wifi in Usa and the app doesn’t exist in Colombia !!!! Nobody told mi that situati… I'm not able to access Google WiFi app in India !? I recently moved from US to India. I was able to setup router at home but after a while I tried upda… Stuck creating the network with "Something went wrong" I factory reset my main router (one of 3). On the app, I chose to create new wifi. I went through al…
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