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Stuck in Setup

I went to setup my new Google WiFi and almost three hours into it I am rather disappointed and upset.  My phone is down to 30% power, from 100%, with all the waiting for "saving your settings" or "making sure everything is in order".  I had a nagging thought that I was paying to be a beta tester but had hoped for so much more.

After several retries I did get my primary WiFi point to work. I am setting up my second WiFi point and after two tries of being too far away I am going through my third and stuck at one of the many places I have been at before.  I started out 30 paces and no walls away, then went to 20 paces and again no luck.  I am 10 feet away and while I have not got the error about being to far away I am stuck, AGAIN, at the "making sure everything is in order" screen.

I don't even know were to start my questioning.  But this product is far from ready for prime time...  
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R Pearson
Okay Google I have a question on this topic.  I have WiFi point that got stuck in setup, I waited over 20 minutes "making sure everything was fine".  I restarted the app, the WiFi point shows on the app but it has an orange ring and I cannot access it, offline.  I remove it but the app says I need to get it online to complete factory reset. I cannot get it online because the app gets stuck. I cannot remove it because it needs to be online.  See the paradox?   How do I get a WiFi point online that will not come online?
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R Pearson
Okay, around 3 hours later I have it up and running.  These things may help someone else or they are simply things that worked for me or were just a lucky step along the way.  I was using an iPhone with the latest iOS.  These are things I did after multiple attempts with the setup did not work.

- Prior to running through the setup again I powered up each WiFi hot spot individually and joined the WiFi network with my phone.  The SSID and PW are on the bottom of the unit.  I did not do anything once connected but it became a known network to my iPhone.

- During setup I typed in the Code rather than use the scanning feature.  Not sure why but the scanning never worked even when it said that it god the code.

- When adding another unit, I have the 3 pack, I set it up no more then 10 feet from the base unit.  I did the setup and then moved to the location I needed it to be at. The test shows that the signal is excellent but during setup I was constantly informed that it was too far away.

- The app would consistently say that everything (WiFi units) was offline.  However, upon inspection everything was up and running.  Following the app was problematic.

- Multiple times I received a message that said something like "units cannot register" Retry or Feedback.  I waited a minute hit Retry and it always went through.

- I tried multiple times setting up a Guest network and it never would work, I simply received an error message.  I power cycled the main WiFi unit and the Guest network setup went through. I am not sure if there is a correlation but I tried 5 times with no luck and once after the power cycle.

- Have your phone charged up, I used up most of a complete charge.

I am replacing a Synology router, I can get around 220mps through it on the wired side and around 180mps with the Google WiFi on the wired network. It is a performance hit that at this time will not affect from me a practical standpoint but it is worth noting.

I initially thought the type C connector for power was slick.  However, it does fall out when moving the unit.  An RJ11 jack may be nicer, or some low current locking connector with orientation.

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